How It Works

YSMGlobal offers Australian, New Zealand, and other global sailors, luxury boat ownership in Europe and/or the Caribbean. Cruising to some of the most interesting and extraordinary ports in the world on your own yacht is easier than you think.

Ownership Structure

Each yacht in the syndication program has a maximum six ownership units on offer. The yachts is registered in Australian and legal title is via a syndicate agreement in which there are multiple tenants in common.

Affordable yacht ownership without the hassles

An owner may purchase more than one unit. The term of the Syndicate Agreement is three years at the end of which the yacht is sold with the proceeds split amongst the owners, or the syndicate agreement is extended.

An owner may offer his or her unit(s) for sale at any time.

No charter, therefore better preventative maintenance

Our syndicated yachts are not offered for charter at any time.

The syndicate has a contract with YSMGlobal for the management of the yacht.

Sailing at Your Leisure

Eight weeks are allocated to each 1/6th ownership unit during the year, with four weeks allocated to the peak/shoulder Mediterranean season from May to October and four weeks allocated to the off-peak season. For the Caribbean, the peak/Shoulder season in from 1 December to 31 May.
Three to four days are allocated between each owner’s usage to allow adequate time for turnaround and preventative maintenance.

The Mediterranean yachts operate from our base in Marmaris, Turkey where the Yacht Marina offers the best facilities in the Mediterranean whilst in the Caribbean the yachts will operate from the Dream Yacht Charter base in Port La Royale, St Martin.
Although based in Marmaris or St Martin, the yachts can be delivered to other ports.

Assistance with itinerary planning

For example, one optional plan is to operate in Greece and Turkey in year 1, Croatia in year 2, France and Italy in year 3.
The boat will be delivered to and returned from each cruising area at the beginning and end of the peak season with delivery fees shared among the owners.

Service, Maintenance and Repairs

Our partners in Turkey, SK Yachting manage a large fleet of yachts for absentee owners and all of the expenses incurred in the service and maintenance of the yacht are billed at cost to the owners in Australian Dollars via YSMGlobal in Australia.

The same applies to our global partner Dream Yacht Charters.

World class maintenance facilities in Marmaris, Turkey and other global ports

These costs include:
• Berthing of the vessel in a full service marina
• Comprehensive Insurance for the vessel
• Cleaning of the vessel after use
• Annual slipping
• Annual antifouling and hull polishing
• Engine services – two per year
• Sail-drive/leg service – one per year
• Regular engine check-ups including top-ups on oil, batteries, water, etc
• Vessel maintenance at approved facilities
Note – repairs requested outside of the home base may attract a charge for the owner requesting the repair
• Laundry service at turnaround
• Underwater hull scrubs – two per year
• Travel and accommodation for technical maintenance supervisor to ports other than Marmaris or St Martin for the purposes of carrying out the maintenance works.

Shared exposure to operating expenses and capital depreciation

Estimated maintenance fees are charged quarterly in advance to each unit holder.
Actual maintenance fees are charged at cost to each unit holder at the exchange rates applicable at the time of invoice – plus related bank charges – and applied against the quarterly payments with a reconciliation at the end of each year.

Management Fees

“ We have had a great five years with our boat in the Caribbean but I have drawn the short straw and landed the job of doing all of the operational stuff. I want a syndicated ownership situation without me having to do all the work”

Australian part owner of a syndicated yacht

Management Fees are charged in Australian dollars quarterly in advance to each unit holder.

Single point of contact in Australia – same language, same time zone

Management fees include but are not limited to:
• Administration
• Trust accounting and reporting
• Invoicing and receipting for all maintenance and management fees
• Management Support

Walk on walk off service

• Management of the use of the vessel in accordance with the syndicate agreement and rule book
• Coordination of all maintenance activities for the vessel
• Coordination of vessel readiness for each unit holder
• Coordination of vessel return by each unit holder
• Coordination of delivery of the vessel to alternative cruising areas
• Assistance with pre-departure planning
• Assistance with itinerary changes during the cruise as requested
• Annual inspection of the vessel

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